About Jack


Jack Rome is Gary Rome Hyundai’s official greeter and family pet. He enjoys the company of others and can be seen around the dealership on a daily basis. On your next visit, be sure to ask for Jack if you don’t see him – he might be taking a nap. The Gary Rome Hyundai dealership family understands the stress car shopping can create. It is a part of our mission to help decrease your pressure as much as possible. Where does Jack Rome fit into that equation? On those occasions when you have to bring your children in with you, we don’t want them to be bored and distract you from such an important decision. Jack is always happy to snuggle, smooch, and do tricks for your little ones. If you come alone, you are more than welcome to take a photo with Jack and your new ride.


What kind of dog is Jack?
Jack Rome is a Vizsla. He is typically referred to as hunting dog and is very active. Vizslas originated in Hungary for hunting and retrieving purposes. We have heard the term “Velcro Vizsla” and have come to understand why.
Jack is very attached to Gary Rome and other family members. On many occasions, he can be seen bracing against Gary’s leg or curled up next to his desk at work. He also enjoys getting a gentle rub or a hug, but watch out he will soon begin motioning for a smooch. Like other Vizslas, Jack Rome is very active. He needs extensive exercise and structured training.Jack Rome is always happy to learn new tricks accompanied with positive reinforcement. This makes Gary Rome very happy because he loves to show off Jack’s newest tricks

How old is Jack?  

Jack is 4 years old.

How much does Jack weigh?
Jack weighs 50 pounds

Is Jack a real dog?
Yes. Jack is a real dog.

When is Jack at the dealership?
You can find Jack Rome at either dealership throughout the week between 9am and 5pm.

How can I get a Jack doll?
Click HERE for details.